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Breast Pumps and Bottle Feeding

K.G. asks from Pocatello

Hi all, my 5 1/2 month old son is pretty much strictly breastfed, but on occasion we have left him with my mom and a bottle of formula to go on a date or something. W...


Need Advice About Breast Pumps

E.K. asks from Tampa

Hi. This is my first pregnancy and I am looking for some advice about breast pumps. I am already at home, and will remain at home once I have our son. I plan to br...


Manual pumps...Opinions?

K.M. asks from Columbus

Hi, everyone! I am due with my 2nd baby in November and am already thinking about the whole breastfeeding thing. I wanted to start my research early this time since ...


Advice Needed on Breast Pumps

B.W. asks from Lubbock

OK...I want to breastfeed by baby and use a pump to express milk for my husband to help out with night feedings and such. Years ago when my daughter was born I had to...


Does Anyone Have Experience with Insulin Pumps?

E.C. asks from Memphis

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with insulin pumps for young children (5 and under). My husband is getting one very soon (next month) a...


Breast Pumps

J.D. asks from Bloomington

I'm looking for advice on the best breast pumps. With my previous pregnancy (over 5 years ago) I used one of the medulla brest pumps, which worked great, but I really...


Breast Pumps Are Now Tax- Deductible!

S.N. asks from Minneapolis

This isn't a question... I just wanted to get the good news out! WASHINGTON—The cost of breast pumps will now be considered tax-deductible medical expenses under...


Breast Pumps Still Covered by Insurance?

F.B. asks from New York

when little one was born in 2016 breast pumps were covered by my insurance and if I remember right also under "Obamacare." Are they still covered? If so, is there any...


Breast Pumps

T.C. asks from Minneapolis

I am just wondering if anyone has any good reccomendations for a breast pump. I can not afford a lot of money. Looking at like 80 bucks or less. With my son i bought ...


Which is the best breast pump to buy?

K.B. asks from Columbus

Any suggestions on what bottles to use with the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump? OR any suggestions on what Breast Pump to purchase? THANKS!

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