pulmicort and xopenex

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5 Month Old W/ Severe Chest Congestion

My son's ped. put him on xopenex and pulmicort, all together it was a 15 min. nightmare with the nebulizer. My son was almost 2 at the time. ...

Soon to Be 6 Month Old Is Wheezing

Also, upon the first sign of a cold I am supposed to boost the pulmicort breathing treatments to 2x a day with xopenex(once at night/once morning), give him ...

1 Year Old with Asthma

We're lucky that Xopenex works (with pulmicort during bad times). Yet my full term nephew, Evan, has the asthma like you described. ...

Asthma or Something Else??

Did they just give her pulmicort or did they give her albuterol or xopenex as well? Sometimes getting a treatment with pulmicort alone can cause more ...


The doc said to put her on pulmicort at night and xyzal, and bring her back in 2 ... said as soon as I start to see a nose drip start doing Xopenex (for the ...

Constant Cough

... breathing treatments of xopenex (he got sick on the albuterol) and pulmicort every four to six hours and literally the difference was instantaneous. my ...


He now does .25 of Pulmicort and one Singulair every night (I forget the dosage) . ... When he has a cold he adds a medicine called Xopenex (similar to ...

How to handle infant congestion?

We had him doing Xopenex and pulmicort. Just a suggestion... but I am telling you it rocked! Then on top of that there is this thing that reminds me of ...

4 Year Old with Allergies and Asthma

They also take the pulmicort, but have contracted bronchitis twice in a row. .... I was just put on xopenex, in place of albuterol. It seems to help me, ...

Question About Asthma

Right now, my son only gets Albuterol/Xopenex when he's wheezing (like I said, usually only when he's sick) and Pulmicort, which is more of a maintenance ...
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