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Private School vs Public School

Read all 14 responses: "My daughter will be starting kindergarten this year and my husband and I have been debating about private vs public school.

13 Yr Girl with Bad Eye Sight Needing Help with Organization in School.

Another option....pull her out of public school and homeschool her. Maybe being home and being able to work at a slower pace to be able to gather her ...

What Testing Are Public School Required to Do??

Read all 30 responses: "If a child is having problems in school, are public school required to test the child for ADHD at a parents request?

How do I know if Montessori school program suits my child?

It could be a difficult transition from Montessori to public schools. ... I went to public schools all my life and never even knew of Montessori. ...

Best Schools in Orange County, CA

I was wondering which schools (including K-12 grade) and districts are rated the best in Orange County? We are thinking about moving and the public schools ...

Public Elementary Schools Any Good in Bucktown?

Oct 17, 2009 ... Read all 5 responses: "I am looking for comments/recommendations for public elementary schools in the Bucktown/Wicker park area.

Seeking Funding to Help Send My Son to Private School.

However, I feel I may be forced to send him to public school. ... Private high school is awesome, but some public schools are just as great. ...

HELP !!! Charter School

I'd like to transfer my kid to charter school from public school. .... (and I homeschool, so my opinion of public schools are too fantastic) ...

Daughter Terrified of Pain and Is Due for Her 5 Year Old Immunizations

All public schools will not let your daughter start school without having the immunization form filled out. That dees not mean that it has to be filled in ...

Mom Seeking Answers About Pre-school

I live in Kansas City, MO and no offense, but I do not want him going to the Kansas City, MO public schools. Just wondering what is out there and when I ...
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  • school counselor or diagnostician in 2 answers "You should speak with the school counselor or diagnostician."
  • no child left behind in 2 answers "You could site the No Child Left Behind and let them know she is being left behind ..."
  • unified school district in 2 answers "I live in Irvine - and I know that the Irvine Unified school district is rated high ..."
  • into charter schools in 3 answers "I would also recommend looking into charter schools."
  • scottish rite in 3 answers "If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you should consider Scottish Rite Hospital."