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Can I Give My Baby Yogurt?

the second thing i started my babies on was yogurt in with the cereal to give them some protein to hold them over. it takes longer to digest the protein ...

Dha and ARA

... babyfood or cereal No egg whites until after 1 year My other suggestions ... up lentils and adding to cereal also for more protein Okay Im writting a ...

How Do You Get a Two-year-old to Drink His Milk?

Sep 25, 2009 ... High protein foods cereal dipped in PB. Good luck. I know what you are feeling.'Just keep trying new foods. ...

Almost 7 Months...

... because of the high protein could be bad for their kidneys Much research and many .... At 7 months my son was eating 2oz of formula mixed with cereal or ...

Help on 9 Month Old's Diet

lunch: 5-6 ounces formula, then a few ounces fruit mixed with cereal and a little protein- maybe a little chicken or turkey puree ...

Always Hungry at Bedtime

... that is high in proteinlike nuts or peanut butter and stick to your guns ... protein such as 12 Pbj sandwich cheese and crackers yogurt cereal with ...

Constipation in 6 Month Old

Feed her lots of oatmeal cereal, pear juice and pears and she'll be going just fine. J. Mom to almost 5. 2 had severe constipation due to milk protein ...

8 Month Old and Bottle

... veggies,(sometimes meat-makes her gag)and oat cereal. ... most important thing about the bottle is the protein therefore if she isnt drinking the bottle ...

On the Go Healthy Breakfast Food

Another baggie with cereal in it, and a bottle of water. This can all be pre- packaged, and has fiber, protein and complex carbs. Then a banana, apple, ...

Preparing Breakfast Cart for Church

What about little cups of almonds, raisins, and cereal pieces (granola clusters) . Finger food. The kids won't get messy, but they get protein from the nuts. ...
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  • toast or english muffin in 2 answers "... fresh or canned with natural juice) and whole-wheat toast or english muffin."
  • chocolate or strawberry syrup in 2 answers "Try to flavor the milk with either chocolate or strawberry syrup."
  • steel cut oats in 2 answers "Cook steel-cut oats in the crockpot overnight and then it's ready in the morning."
  • try giving her a sippy cup in 2 answers "Try giving her a sippy cup--she is probably old enough and that might be new and different ..."
  • better than no milk in 3 answers "I know it adds sugars to the milk, but I figured it was better than no milk."