protective child services

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In-Laws & Pot - Need Input

L.P. asks from Dallas

Hi there family is having a BIG issue. I know that what my husband and I are doing is the right thing, I was just hoping you ladies could help me see a diff...


What Are Good Reasons to Adopt?

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

I'm 42 and am done having babies. Since I have three great kids (10, 5, 3), fertility issues and difficult pregnancies, I didn't want to try to get pregnant again. ...


Trouble with Neighborhood Friend

L.M. asks from Terre Haute

I have posted about this child before as when she was in kindergarten she started coming to our house from a distance that I felt was too far for a child that age. I...


How Can I Explain This?

P.T. asks from New York

I am a first time mommy and i have a beautiful baby boy. I am going back to work soon(maybe..That's another story)I have decided to put my son in daycare when i do r...


Unfair Law

B.C. asks from Detroit

Hello From 10/2009 to Dec 2010 I had full guardianship of my grandchildren.In June and July of '10 we were in court and I had a lawyer who seemed to run out of stea...


Okay Staying Home Alone

K.L. asks from Sherman

My child is ten years old I was wondering when a child might be considered old enough to stay home alone for and hour after school.


Help Support

R.K. asks from Jacksonville

Has anyone had to deal with their child being sexually abused? I need some support and or advice.


Inappropriate Comment About BF from Handy Man

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

(Thanks every one . I've read all the responses to this point. I'm moving on and don't intend to read any more. Just wanted to let you know so you don't waist y...


6 Year Old: Sexual Harrassment

A.T. asks from Youngstown

Today I get a call that my male kindergartner put his hand up a girl's dress, touched her panties, and said dirty dirty underwear. The girl was in a dress, laying on...


Rushed into Divorce settlement....but Divorce Is Not Final, Please Advise.

J.H. asks from Tulsa

My husband and I abruptly seperated a couple of months ago due to a fairly volatile event that resulted in filing a protective order against him. The DA pressed two c...

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  • childs maturity level in 2 answers "You have to base your desicion on the child's maturity level and your comfort level."
  • sexual harassment in 4 answers "... what happened, you probably should look up the definition of sexual harassment ..."
  • your childs maturity in 2 answers "It's a gut choice, and only one you can make, based on your child's maturity."
  • stick to your guns in 2 answers "Stick to your guns, this is not just a lifestyle issue but a legal/health/moral issue."
  • caught off guard in 2 answers "I honestly think he was just uncomfortable and caught off guard."