prostate cancer symptoms

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Prostate Cancer Side Effects

C.W. asks from Chicago

Anyone that can advise as to possible prostate cancer side effects they know of? ..........or websites that might go into this? Thanks



K.J. asks from New Orleans

I posted a post awhile back saying about praying for two people and my stepdad. My stepdad has a swollen nodule on his neck. They put him this morning and took his to...


Anyone Out There with a Child That Has Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer?

L.O. asks from Minneapolis

My 3 year old son just got out of the hospital after a 12 day stay. He'd originally been diagnosed as having bladder infection. While in the hospital he'd been diag...


How to Tell Children That Parent Has Cancer

M.C. asks from Lubbock

Hello moms... I'm new at the whole mamasource thing. My husband was recently diagnosed with Caner. However we were able to get it early enough, but he will have to ...


Fear of Dying and Not Seeing My Children Grow Up

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

I need some help. I felt awesome until I had my first daughter then I had to have my gallbladder removed and after my second I am having problems as well. Because of ...


Gardasil Question Now That It Has Been Out

M.L. asks from Cleveland

I know this has been debated here before, i'm just wondering if there is any new information or improvements in the drug in the last few years. Those of you that hav...


Swollen and Painful Testicle

R.A. asks from Grand Rapids

I am hoping that you can help me. My mom told me today that my dad has a swollen testicle. It is the size of a small apple. He is in alot of pain, but will not see a ...


Financial Disagreements/ Not Pulling My Own Weight at Home

K.H. asks from Norfolk

I am an attractive 52-year-old retired teacher who stays home. I am disabled. My- 66 year-old husband is a workaholic, and thinks I should be the same way. I keep hou...


Stomach Issues

A.P. asks from Grand Rapids

So I have been dealing with these problems since I was 13 and every doctor I have gone to can't find anything wrong. I have a constant stomach ache which gets worse w...


My Terminally Ill Father Has Been Rolling His Eyes up into His Head Lately...

C.W. asks from Columbia

as many of you know, my dad has stage 4 colon cancer (spread into his liver, lungs, brain, & bones). lately it's been pretty rough. he's not currently doing chemo. he...

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