prostate cancer symptom

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Prostate Cancer Side Effects

C.W. asks from Chicago

Anyone that can advise as to possible prostate cancer side effects they know of? ..........or websites that might go into this? Thanks


Swollen and Painful Testicle

R.A. asks from Grand Rapids

I am hoping that you can help me. My mom told me today that my dad has a swollen testicle. It is the size of a small apple. He is in alot of pain, but will not see a ...


Tubal Ligation

J.K. asks from Phoenix

I had my tubes tied in 1996 and had an extremely bad hormone imbalance because of it. I was miserable physically and especially emotionally. My worst symptom was fe...


Schizophrenia or Something Else?

H.J. asks from Spokane

If anyone has some insight on this I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts. My aunt has been married for 12 years now and we are just now hearing about prob...


PMS Relief

D.G. asks from Anchorage

Hi! A couple days a month, after I ovulate, I am super irritable. This rubs off on my kids and we are all miserable. I also am tired, but can't sleep! These may be mi...


Trying for Baby #2

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

I need any advice I can get. We are trying for a second baby and after 4 months no pregnancy yet. I realize I need to be patient but we had such an easy time with #1...


Colloidal Silver

S.D. asks from Los Angeles

I am considering adding colloidal silver to my family's life. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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