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Property Management Company

J. asks from Albuquerque

I am looking for a property management company to rent our single family home. If anyone knows a good, reliable property management company around Albuquerque, pleas...


Property Management Company Arlington

K.M. asks from Dallas

hi, i am looking for a property management company in the arlington area. my family has just moved from arlington to jackson mississippi. we have had our house on th...


Property Management Company

A.M. asks from Charleston

I am looking for a property management company to handle renting my house. I have called one and have a really hard time hearing back from them. Does anyone have a ...


We Are the Landlords - Use a Property Management Company or Not?

P.:. asks from Phoenix

We have a rental (a condo) and are in between tenants (our only other tenant was my step-daughter) and trying to decide on using a property management company to find...


Seeking a Recommendation for a Property Management Company in Placer Co.

K.G. asks from Sacramento

I was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a good Property Management Company in Placer County. We will be renting out our home in Lincoln and would like...


Do You Own a Rental Property?

L.M. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are tossing around the idea of purchasing a townhome or condo to rent. I'm looking for some general advise and your experiences with this. Good or ...


Need Property Manager for Leased Property

D.C. asks from Dallas

hello moms, I am looking for a property management company for my leased house. Sorry but I do not want realtors who do management on the side. I want a proper man...


About Landlords (Property Owners) and Property Managers

E.B. asks from Austin

We moved to a new state, and rather than sell our house, we rented it. The rental market is good, and we knew we didn't want to buy right away in the new location. ...


Vacation Rental Self Manage or Management Co?

S.L. asks from Denver

We have purchased a ski condo, we may rent it out when were not using it. Has anyone tried managing it themselves with something like VRBO or Craigslist? Pros and c...


Does Your Condo Use an Association Management Company? Looking for Info

C.K. asks from Chicago

Hello! Our five-unit condo building is currently self-managed, but it is getting difficult to find folks who are willing to serve on the board. Therefore, we are ex...

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