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Private School or State School?

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

If money was not an issue would you send your children to a good private school or a decent state school? Also if in your current financial condition your child wo...


Private Schools in Fort Wayne

J.C. asks from Fort Wayne

I am beginning to realize that if I'm going to send my kids to a private school, I need to get on it because Aryana is now in kindergarten, and I don't want her to sw...


Correlation Between Education Level and Parenting Skills?

F.W. asks from Danville

Kind of a spin off from another question, but do YOU see, in your observation of those you perceive to be 'good' parents, and their educational level (meaning higher ...


How Much of Your Child's Education Happens at Home?

E.D. asks from Seattle

Hi All, This question is for those of you with young kids in the public school system. How much of your child's education do you feel responsible for providing?...


Seeking Affordable Education in Chicago, IL

A.S. asks from Chicago

Seeking info. on how to obtain a better education for my children. I am a single mom who is not happy with the inner city chicago public school system. Yet I can't af...


Masters in Education or Teacher Certification with Masters?

S.S. asks from Springfield

I would like to start teaching and have a Bachelors degree in a non education field. I would like to start my Masters, but need help deciding where I should go? I n...


College education...who Pays? Parent or Student?

A.M. asks from Phoenix

I'm wondering how many of you M.'s out there feel that it is a parents obligation to pay for your children's college education? Do you feel that it is solely your re...


Private Vs. Public School ?

K.W. asks from Washington DC

I am in the process of researching elementary schools, as my son will enter kindergarten in the fall. I want to hear from moms who have children or who may have exper...


Public v Private Schools

J.W. asks from St. Louis

This may seem like a strange question but why not. You have two families brought together by divorce and remarriage. One family has older sibs that went to privat...


Private or Public School

T.G. asks from Portland

My daughter has been attending a private preschool for the last two years. This February she turns 5 and will attend Kindergarten next year. I am trying to decide whe...

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