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Safety 1St Vs. Britax

Oct 8, 2009 ... They have all the car seats listed and give you safety and price info. I also like the Baby Bargains book for this type of info but is ...

Toddler Car Seat

it would be sooo much easier if you just went to a consignment shop a bought a good used one for the other car. the prices are great and in really good ...

Need Narrow Toddler Carseat

Unfortunately, we got a bigger car from family instead of solving the problem. ... The prices in the store seemed comparable to what you would pay here. ...

Car Seat Dilemma W/a 1 and 3 Year Old!

You should be able to get another convertable car seat/booster there for a reasonable price. And if you have items to sell they will buy it on the spot if ...

Seeking Honest Auto Mechanic in Katy

We've been taking our cars to Katy Auto Care. They are super nice, and very honest. .... car prices used · used cars by owner ...

Car Seat Recommendations - 2Nd Car Seat

We have a Britax Marathon in one car (love it) and an Evenflo Triumph in the other. The Evenflo was less than half the price and we do like it. ...

Help with Pricing for Garage Sale

I have no idea what to price these at. They are in so-so shape, ... just go back to my car b/c this is a seller that thinks very highly of their items. ...

Confused over Car Seats

Sep 27, 2009 ... This website gives you the latest car seat ratings and prices. You can see which is best at the best price. Baby Bargains book gives good ...

"Seeking Advice on a Car Seat/ Buster Seat Purchase"

Many other types available for different prices.... check out for more advice if you want to compare different ones. Helpful? ...

Advice of Gift for Single Mom with No Car (Rides Bus)

The Jasmine's dad has a car/carseat and picks her up somethign like every other weekend. ... Costco has the best prices that I've seen for all three. ...
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