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Looking for a Preteen Magazine

T.R. asks from Dubuque

My 12 year old daughter LOVES to read. A couple of years ago I got her a subscription to "Discovery Girls". It is a GREAT magazine and she loves it. It is for girl...


Christmas Gift Ideas for Christian Girl

L.G. asks from La Crosse

My 10-year-old daughter is passionate about her Christian faith. Her grandmother would like to buy her a gift for Christmas that encourages that faith. She already ...


Looking for Summer Activities for Preteen

A.B. asks from Dallas

I am looking for summer activities for my daughter. Ordinarily she stays with her grandmother during summer months, but since she's getting older she prefers to stay ...


Teenage Son and Friends Texting Inappropriate Messages

C.S. asks from Houston

Hi moms, My 14 year old son was spending a lot time texting back and forth with his friends. I could not imagine what they were talking about so much. Then he got ...


Pornography in House

A.K. asks from La Crosse

My teenage son recently came across something that was "left" on the computer. He let me know. It seems that my significant other looks at this "stuff" A lot. The rel...



S.T. asks from Washington DC

well, mercury is in retrograde, and the internetZ blow up over all manner of things, so why not this? :D i confess to a nasty little niggle of glee that the creepy ...


How Do You Prepare Your Daughter for Her 'Monthly Visit'

J.S. asks from Raleigh

It is hopefully still a few years down the line, but I want to do it differently than my mom did (I woke up one day having started my menstrual cycle - totally freake...


Childs Relationships

M.B. asks from Lafayette

My daughter is 13 she beleives herself to be lesbian. She is seeing a counselor, who says she is too young to know for sure what her sexuality is. I think she is too ...


How Much Do You Shelter Your Children from Books and TV?

T.M. asks from Tampa

I was recently in a conversation with some Moms from my son's school. Our district has paid for a online book service where kids can go and read books online. There...


How Is Everyone Coping in These Economic Times?

T.B. asks from Jacksonville

Hi Moms, In these hard economic times I wanted to look to other moms to see what you have done to cope. My husband's job has cut his hours this year and he did not...

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