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Tell Me About Your Prepaid Cell Phone Service......

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

Are prepaid plans better than contract plans?


Prepaid Cell Phone Suggestions

A.P. asks from San Antonio

Moms, I am seeking a prepaid cell phone for my kids for emergency purposes only. I do not want to add the phone to my account and incur a monthly charge or contrac...


Prepaid Smart Phones in Chicagoland: Walmart's Straight Talk and Virgin Mobile

L.F. asks from Chicago

Does anyone living the the Chicagoland use a smart phone from Walmart Straight Talk or Virgin Mobile? I'm thinking of finally getting a smart phone, and the only way...


Virgin Mobile Cell Phone?

N.L. asks from Dallas

Trying to find out if Virgin Mobile is a decent company. My husband and I have been in the dark ages for years. We've only had talk and text. No date plan ever. We on...


Pre-paid Cell Phone

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

My husband and I moved recently and, unfortunately, our Verizon cell phones no longer work. We wound up getting a land line, but now are in need of cell phones. I don...


Looking for Affordable Mobile Phone Plan

M.M. asks from Austin

Does anyone know of an inexpensive way to have a mobile phone for emergency purposes only? We can't afford an expensive plan like Verizon or Sprint, but I want to ha...


Do You Use Sprint or Credo Mobile for Your Cell Phone Carrier?

☼.S. asks from Los Angeles

Morning moms and TGIF! I'm interested in your user reviews of Sprint or Credo Mobile if you use them for your cell phone carrier. How do you find their coverage, ...


Cell Phone Costs: Prepaid Vs. Contract

J.A. asks from Spartanburg

My husband and I have a basic plan with Verizon (700 shared minutes, no text or data for a total of $60/month) we each have feature phones (my husband gets grief at w...


Anyone Ever Use TracFone?

S. asks from Chicago

Hi, We travel a lot and only have local cell phone coverage with our phone's and don't want to change it. I'm looking into pre paid services and was wondering if anyo...


Straight Talk Cellphone from Walmart

S.A. asks from Albuquerque

I am thinking of getting the prepaid 30 dollars per month, what are the pros and cons to moms out there who uses it? Thanks!

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  • virgin mobile in 2 answers "S.- I have a Virgin Mobile phone and think that it's the best ever."
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