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Toddlers and Christmas Trees

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

I'd really like to get a tree this Christmas but my 17 month old is very..erm..hands on with everything. He'll walk around and shake our floor lamps for example beca...


Little Hands at Christmas Time

R.C. asks from Sacramento

Okay here goes, my first request for advise. My son is now 18 months old and gets into everything. Normally this is not a problem, as the house has been childproofe...


Replacement for Mini Christmas Equipment and Lighting?

S.H. asks from New York

Replacement for mini christmas equipment and lighting?


Christmas Trees: Any Hypoallergenic Real Ones? Any Artificial Ones Without Lead?

X.C. asks from Boston

My preschooler has a recently discovered bad mold allergy. Real christmas trees are known for being full of mold. So we've been thinking of an artificial tree, but ...


Who Sells Artificial Christmas Trees

Q.Q. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know where to purchase a large artificial tree? We need one that is 10-12' and have only had success finding 7.5' ones at several stores.


Artificial Christmas Trees

C.A. asks from New London

I was just wondering if anybody knows of any stores that sell a good/large selection of artificial trees. I looked at JCPenney, Home Depot and Michaels today without...


Is "A Simple Christmas" Just a Myth?

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Once again, here come the holidays! I have resolved to shop early this year, but I was wondering if anyone has great ideas to simplify the holidays and keep the true...


Help! I Need Homemade Gift Ideas and Christmas Ornament/Craft Ideas

H.O. asks from Austin

Please email any homemade (relatively easy) gift ideas I can do for presents. Also, my children want to make ornaments and other crafts for the holiday. I am SO uncra...


Real vs Fake

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

Christmas trees. We have a fake tree that isn't exactly the worlds best treed. After we get all the decorations on it you can barely see the tree though :) We've been...


Toddler with Outside Allergies

S.B. asks from Indianapolis

My 2 1/2 (almost 3 year old) is allergic to the outside molds. We found this out in May and therefore have never had to make a decision about buying a real Christmas...

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