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Seeking Advice on Sons Sinus Issues

I was 6 months prego at the time and was a total mess. .... several rounds of tympanic tubes in my ears, my tonsils in the winter would swell up so bad that ...

Late Period-negative Hpt-extreme Back Crapms *Other Signs of Pregnancy*???

... an ULTRASOUND of your uterus & falopean tubes..sorry but a siomple blood ... my tests came back negative until i was about 8 weeks prego. with my son it ...

First Prenatal Doctors, Didnt Go Well, HELP?

But now I'm prego again and have had some spotting, so I too had blood work ... I hope she checked your tubes too, because it could be an eptopic pregnancy. ...

I'm Pregnant Again

When he was born, I asked my doctor to tie my tubes because I didn't want ... child and then I accidentally got prego (that's what happened when I ran out ...

Help! Weak Stomach

... through You may also be able to find any firmerplastic tube and stuff it with ... through changing my sons diapers when I was prego with baby number two ...

No More Sex

... doesn't want to have sex with me for more than just to not get me prego. ..... I no longer need pills because I had my tubes tied after my second child. ...

Help with Wisdom Teeth Pain

... i put uncooked rice in a tube sock and tied it up like i had mumps. ... Its hard taking time for yourself when your prego, specially when you're taking ...

Tummy Tuck Please Help!!!!!!

I had the 'full' abdominoplasty done after having my tubes tied after number 5. ... That was much easier and the results were fabulous until I got prego. ...

To Have an IUD or Not

I had my doctor tie my tubes at the same time since I was done having children. ... and my husband and I didn't want to worry about getting prego again, ...

Anyone Else Get Pregnant 2+ Yrs After Husband's Vasectomy?

That was my fear - so I had my tubes tied one weekend, and my husband had a vasectomy the next - lol! Unfortunately, the only way to .... 10 Weeks Prego ...
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