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2 Weeks Late and Concerned

I had my tubes tied 4 years ago and my husband had a vascetomy around the same ... Even the least expensive prego tests are sensitive enough to sense that ...

Possibly Pregnant After a Vasectomy

But, yes, you can get prego after he has a V. It has happened that it grows back . .... My neighbor had her tubes tied and got pg, so her husband had a ...

Help Dealing with Husband's Planned Vasectomy

Jul 23, 2009 ... I have 2 children, and had my tubes tied on my 2nd c-section. ... The same fear about maybe needing to get prego again for a problem w/one ...

Seeking Advice for the Best OB in the Valley

2 ovarian cysts, c-section high risk pregnancy, tubes tied, and finally emergency hysterectomy she ... I had just moved here when I found out I was prego. ...

Can You Get a False Positive Test?

NO you really can't get a false positive. Yes, I am prego! ... My oldest sister has a son who was concieved 5 years after she had her tubes tied. ...

Pain in Right Side

I've had it for a few hours and it's bugging me:( I'm five weeks three days prego and I..." ... it could be really painful and your tubes could explode. ...

Birth Control!

It is a major operation for you to have your tubes tied. ..... permanent after that, so hopefully I won't be prego back to back, but you never know!!:) ...

Took a Vicodin and Now Im Pregnant & Freaking Out!!

... today and the line has gotten progressively darker so looks like I am prego for sure. .... The most important thing of the neural tubes is folic acid. ...


... pregnancy loosing my tube and ovary shots IUI's how could this be real ... April my husband and I ended up prego again My due date is Jan 28th of09 and ...


Sep 2, 2009 ... tubes It's amazing how fast it works and makes a huge difference ... get bronchitus from it I did and I was 6 months prego so not fun I ...
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