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Any Advice for a Pregnant Woman with Scabs on Nipples? I Know, Gross.

Read all 10 responses: "I am 35 weeks pregnant and have just noticed purple scabs on my nipples. They are not sore, just scabbed.

9 Months Pregnant- Halloween Costume?

Last weekend I saw a very cute pregnant woman dressed as a Christmas tree! She had a green dress, wrapped some material she had knotted around herself so it ...

34 Weeks Pregnant and Always Thirsty

1) It is normal physiology for a pregnant woman to increase her blood volume by 50% or more during pregnancy. Because of this, and because she is also ...

Wanting to Get pregnant...still Breastfeeding

That means instead of 2000-2200 calories for a pregnant woman it would double... also the intake of water would need to increase to 128 ounces a day(that is ...

My Health Insurance Ends

Is there health insurance out there that will take a pregnant women or is that a preexisting condition? I am probably only 5 weeks along so I dont know if I ...

Separation from Work While Pregnant

Read all 11 responses: "Does anyone know if a pregnant woman can be fired from a job? My sister's friend who is pregnant was told they couldn't keep her any ...

Migraines While Pregnant

Someone suggested acupuncture to me because it is safe for pregnant women with migraines. i never got a chance to try it because once the 2 trimester hit i ...

Does Those Otc Fertility Tests Work?

Basically, it compared pregnant women that took nothing, pregnant women who took prenatal vitamins, and those who took both prenatal vitamins AND Juice Plus ...

Am I Pregnant?

My doctor said some women react differently. Some women get heavy periods, and others none. I guess I got none because my body has been pregnant and ...

Taking Pepcid AC While Pregnant

I think your current doctor -- like many OB's -- goes by the theory that no pregnant woman should take meds during the first trimester. If at all possible. ...
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  • draw a jack o lantern in 2 answers "... on Halloween day years ago and she had my brother draw a jack-o-lantern ..."
  • get a large cardboard box in 2 answers "... or the milkman and you dress as if in the 50's. Get a large cardboard box ..."
  • couldnt get enough to drink in 2 answers "I was up throughout the night and just couldn't get enough to drink!"
  • minnesota medical assistance in 2 answers "In the state of minnesota medical assistance should cover any pregnant woman."
  • bun in the oven in 5 answers "... stove/ oven, where a white shirt and pain your belly as a bun = Bun in the Oven."