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Spotting While Pregnant?

And I never really had pregnancy sypmtoms to go off of, like I don't feel like I 'm pregnant or my boobs feel normal, etc. And one more thing, my sister bled ...

Possibly Pregnant?

I, too, suspected early on in my pregnancy. Boobs were killing me well before I was due for my period, was starving non-stop, and just generally felt like ...

Underwire Bras During Pregnancy

I wore regular underwire bras while pregnant and underwire nursing bras while ..... birth at that point i didnt care that my boobs were sitting on my knees, ...

Attachment parents-How Do I Gently Wean My 2 Yr Old?

Im starting to feel ready to completely wean- I just want my boobs back. ... Plus Id like to get pregnant this year and want a little break before it all ...

Pregnant with an IUD??

Well now I am feeling pregnant. My boobs have swollen and hurt like hell, I have frequent heandaches, nauseas every once in a while and much more tired than ...

A Question About Post- Breastfeeding Deflation - for the Smaller Chested Ladies

Good luck and love your body as it is right now Your boobs may come back but they ... With weight losspregnancy or not breasts get smaller With weight gain ...

Keeping Your Breast Size

Keep in mind that pregnancy changes your boobs too, not just breastfeeding. I have a friend who went from a C to an A cup after having three kids, ...

Breast Feeding While Pregnant?

My husband and I are thinking about getting pregnant in March or April. I'm not too excited about it, because I'm ... my breast are tender · pregnant boobs ...

Feeling Engorged After Weaning

I haven't tried it because I was always pregnant again while I was weaning. ... What I was told to do is to empty my boobs by either pumping or nursing one ...

Could I Be Pregnant??

I got out of the shower the other day and noticed that my boobs were leaking. ... I have a 13 month old and when I was pregnant for her they did the same ...
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