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Getting off Birth Control

But, when you think about it, some people get pregnant while ON birth control, and have healthy babies! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

Essure Permanent Birth Control

I recently heard about a non-surgical, non-reversible birth control .... I am pregnant with my third child and my husband and I are done after this one. ...

Birth Control Pill

Oct 1, 2009 ... Is anyone on or been on the genric birth control of yasmin? my insurance only covers the .... long term health care · pregnant birth control ...

Conception After Birth Control

I was never able to get pregnant for three or fours months after birth control pills anyway. Everyone is different and some women get pregnant while they ...

Bleeding Before My Period Is Due, Dark Brown, Maybe Pregnant?

Oct 24, 2009 ... You could be pregnant and experiencing implantation bleeding. ... Depending on the type of birth control you were on, the hormones from them ...

Birth Control Pill - Which One Should I Go On?

I wish to switch to a "regular" birth control pill because I do not like some of ... Before I became pregnant I was on the patch (ortho-evra) and loved it. ...

PCOS AND Birth Control

has anyone with PCOS, gotten pregnant right away, after stopping birth control pills (no other medication)? I don't ovulate on my own since I gained weight, ...

Pregnancy Tests with Mirena

If you had two pregnancies on other birth control, and might be pregnant again, I think you might want to check out a book like Taking Charge of Your ...

Getting Pregnant for the 2Nd Time

I went on birth control for a month, then I skipped a month and went back on it. I didn't think I could get pregnant, so I wasn't very good at taking it ...

Mirena/other Birth Control?

I am not a big fan of hormone birth control. I refuse to take the pill. ... I recently took the IUD out to become pregnant again and had no trouble with my ...
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