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7 Weeks Pregnant & No Morning Sickness

Y.K. asks from New York

hello everyone. i was wondering if its common not to experience morning sickness at 7 weeks, when you know your other pregnancies always started out as morning sickne...


3 Weeks Pregnant: to Tan, or Not to Tan?

M.M. asks from Lake Charles

Ok by asking this question I'm well aware of the range of answers I will get so just keep in mind I'm simply asking to get opinions. We just found out we were pregnan...


14 Weeks Pregnant and Feeling/seeing the Baby Move?

M.M. asks from Lake Charles

So I'm 14 weeks pregnant with #2 (YAY!) and I started feeling quickening at like 11-12 weeks, my doctor told me since i was thin he wouldn't tell me i was wrong (the ...


Only 6 Weeks Pregnant and Showing?

M.M. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms, I'm pregnant with my second and last child :) When I had my first one, I didn't start showing 'till I was probably 4 months. But with this one, I get r...


40+ Weeks Pregnant--encouragement...

A.P. asks from Eugene

I was due on Wednesday and am obviously still pregnant and am still working (I'm a teacher). I'm tired and emotional and just want to have this darn baby. I swear m...


8 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding but Still Have a Heartbeat!!!

J.G. asks from Denver

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and started spotting since the beginning of my pregnancy, so I went to my OB and he made an ultrasound and blood test, so my blood levels are goi...


Seeking Support at 37 Weeks Pregnant and Waiting!

K.B. asks from Boston

Hello everyone, I dont really have a question, just looking for some encouragement! I am 37 weeks pregnant today and have a 16 month old son at home. I am still worki...


HELP!! 29 Weeks Pregnant and in Horrible Pain!

T.C. asks from Washington DC

hello again moms! i need your advice once again....i am now 29 weeks pregnant with #2 and i am in horrible pain. the pain is generally located in my pubic bone and oc...


23 Weeks Pregnant and Doctor Concerned About Me Working

C.N. asks from Fresno

Hello, I am 23 weeks pregnant (5+ months) and have so far expereinced an extremely easy pregnancy. No sickness, few mood swings, no cravings, no aversions... everythi...


I'm 8 Weeks Pregnant but Ultrasound Says I'm Measuring 6 Weeks No Heartbeat?

S.J. asks from Iowa City

According to the first day of my last period I should be about 8 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I started spotting a dark red-brown So I called the dr. And got in for an u...

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