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Breast Tenderness/early Pregnancy Honest

This is my second pregnancy. I am having next to nothing for symptoms which kind of worries me. ... signs of early pregnancy · early signs of pregnancy ...

Confusion on Taking Deltasone During Pregnancy

I have had up and down platelet counts throughout my pregnancy and just recently (I am now in my 8th month) .... week by week pregnancy · signs of pregnancy ...

Signs of Pregnancy

I am wondering what signs there are that you are pregnant before doing a pregnancy test. I did an ovulation kit about a week ago to find out when i ovulate ...

Due on Friday and No Signs of Labor

Due on Friday and No Signs of Labor. I'am on my 3rd pregnancy and hoping that @ my last appt. I was further effaced and dialted to have my membranes ...

Pregnancy Symptoms While Nursing

With my last pregnancy the main symptom that I had was sore breasts. This time they are not sore at all. ... pregnancy signs · week by week pregnancy ...

1 Positive & 1 Negative Pregnancy Test?

I was 2 weeks late BEFORE I finally had a positive pregnancy test. I KNEW I was pregnant though. ... pregnancy signs · by pregnancy week week ...

2Nd Pregnancy

The cool thing about my second pregnancy was that I didn't have as much anxiety as I did in my first about .... signs of pregnancy · pregnancy week by ...

Pregnancy Tests

I have no other signs like my first pregnancy, but I realize every pregnancy can be different. I am anxious, yet know I should wait at least a week to do ...

What Are Symptoms of Twins?

I new I was having twins cuz I was getting so big so fast. That was my early sign. I hope everything goes well for you and your pregnancy. ...

Kidney Stones in Pregnancy

With my first pregnancy, I passed about 20 kidney stones (I finally..." ... week by week pregnancy · signs of pregnancy ...
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  • 5 days before your missed period in 2 answers "The tests say they can be used as early as 5 days before your missed period, but I ..."
  • had a positive pregnancy test in 2 answers "I was 2 weeks late BEFORE I finally had a positive pregnancy test."
  • breasts werent sore in 2 answers "... first while I was pregnant with my second, and at first my breasts weren't sore ..."
  • your hcg levels in 2 answers "... it, and I, as a first timer, wasn't sure). It's possible that your HCG levels ..."
  • false negatives in 5 answers "I think there are false negatives but not positives."