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Period After IUD

I.O. asks from San Diego

Hello everyone. I am going crazy playing the waiting game to find out if I am pregnant or not. I would like to know the experiences of other woman. I removed my miren...


No Period, but Not Pregnant...

C.B. asks from Dallas

I have always had an irregular cycle - between 23 and 26 days. My last cycle started on Dec. 18 or 19th (can't remember for sure), and there was a bedroom mishap on ...


Period and Be Pregnant?

J.B. asks from San Francisco

so my period was due dec 20 and a week befroe i took a pregnancy test and i got these answers within the week i was suposed too start p,n,n,p,p,n,p, then on the 22 i ...


Nursing - No Period

M.C. asks from San Francisco

My son is 12 months old and still nursing. I have not had a period yet and am wondering when I will get it! With my first son, I got my period after 8 months and wa...


What Does It Mean If U Get a Positive Pregnancy Test While on Ur Period

C.P. asks from Los Angeles

What does it mean when u get a positive pregnancy test when on your period


Period After Baby

A.H. asks from Topeka

After I had my first baby, my period came back at 4 months. I was on the "mini-pill" and I was also nursing exclusively. It was very heavy and after that first time...


Why Is My Period Late?

H.F. asks from Minneapolis

i had unprotected sex the day after my last period which i have been doing for like 4 years and never got pregnant before, and now (a month later) my period is 2-3 da...


Period While Breastfeeding

A.S. asks from Canton

OK, ladies. I have yet another question...I am currently breastfeeding my daughter who is 5 months old. I have not gotten a period since I've had her but I do have cr...


Post Pregnancy Period

D.G. asks from Philadelphia

I'm a little embarassed to be writing this, but I'm also pretty desperate. I got my period for the first time 9 1/2 months after I gave birth. I should mention that...


Period and Breastfeeding

L.R. asks from Seattle

my problem is that.....i have a 6 month old and i plan to breastfeed for at least a year like i did with my last son...around the holidays i had a few drinks and deci...

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  • go to the doctor for a blood test in 2 answers "test again in a week, or go to the doctor for a blood test."
  • give your doc a call in 2 answers "... for concern and you would want to head to the ER. Give your doc a call ..."
  • form of birth control in 2 answers "... have a child, I would suggest that you use a much better form of birth control."
  • call your ob in 3 answers "Hi D., I agree you should call your Ob/gyn and talk to them about getting an ultrasound ..."
  • period like bleeding in 2 answers "I have heard of women having period like bleeding while they are pregos, especially ..."