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Missed Period

S.S. asks from Phoenix

I have missed my period for almost 2 months. Last period was June 27, 20006. I have taken 4 home pregnancy test and each one has shown Negative. i've never been irreg...


Period After Breastfeeding?

A.L. asks from Portland

Hi ladies, I BF my baby until he was 7 months old. Now its been over 2 months and I still haven't had my first post-baby period. I took a pregnancy test and am not ...


Bloating, Period and Pregnancy

M.S. asks from Salt Lake City

Has anyone been pregnant that wasn't very far along and still had a period? I am on my period now but am VERY VERY bloated and have never felt like this before and I ...


Missed Period

D.R. asks from Los Angeles

i missed my period for the month of april , i took 2 pregnancy test and they both came out negative.. it was different with my 3 other pregnancies, i had taken the ep...


Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test, Help Me?

J.H. asks from Los Angeles

i was supposed to start period yesterday i still havent. took test 2 days ago which was negative. the last 2 weeks ive had every sign of early pregnancy what do i do?


Period Pimple?!

C.K. asks from Chicago

I have been trying to get pregnant and everytime I get my "period pimple" before my period actually comes I feel like that is an indicator that I am not pregnant. Doe...


Late Period

I.K. asks from Las Vegas

When is a period consider late? I'm in day 32 of my cycle.


A Missed Period

M.L. asks from Portland

have any of you had a missed period and not been pregnant? my period is five days late. i dont think im pregnant, but i dont feel like im about to start my period eit...


Pregnancy Pre Period

K.M. asks from Norfolk

I conceived 2 weeks ago tomorrow. The pregnancy didn't take and the cells were eliminated from my body (I saw it) this past Saturday (2 days ago). My period would ha...


Postpartum Period

A.S. asks from Oklahoma City

I recently had my son Nov. 14th 2010 and I recently had my period in January it only lasted 3 days I havent had one since is this normal or should I start looking int...

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