pregnancy period

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T.S. asks from Kansas City

I believe someone has asked this question before, I just cannot remember the results... I am breastfeeding my son, he is 8 months old now, I am currently weening ...


No Period but Negative Pregnancy Test

J.K. asks from New York

Hi:) I'm 2 1/2 weeks late but have come up negative on two pregnancy tests. I took one a week after I was supposed to have my period and the second 2 1/2 weeks late. ...


Period Changes After Pregnancy

K.B. asks from Philadelphia

just wondering if any of you have had changes in your period after pregnancy? I have a 5 yr old and after having him my periods did go back to normal. But I had twi...


First Period After Pregnancy... Out of Control!

J.P. asks from Phoenix

I will try not to make this a TMI question, but... My son is now 2.5 months old, I just got an IUD in about 2.5 weeks ago. I spotted until this past Friday when I beg...


After Pregnancy Period

M.W. asks from Allentown

Two months after I had my daughter I got what I thought was my period. It ended up lasting for like a day and a half. When it started, I started the pill again. Now...


Period After Pregnancy

G.W. asks from Detroit

Ok, I'm not quite sure how to word this, so I'm sorry if it come out really blunt. You know how you basically have your period as soon as you have the baby? How lo...


Missed Period

M.K. asks from Columbia

I have not had a period since June 28,2009. I have tried to take four pregnancy test and they all read negative. What could be causing my period to be late?


Pregnancy or Just My Period?

J.B. asks from Washington DC

hey moms... we're trying to conceive and am due for my period on the 20th. today is the 14th- could my period just randomly come 6 days early or is this something els...


Missed Period

M.S. asks from Lansing

I haven't had a period since March 30. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I've been on Loestrin FE since July 2010. I haven't missed any pills. Any ideas?


Missing Period!

T.S. asks from Sherman

I have been freaking out trying to find out what could be going on. Can anyone give me some suggestion has to why I am 1 1/2 weeks late starting my period? I had a mi...

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