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Flying While Pregnant

Sometime you are told not to fly before 12 weeks because of the risk of miscarriage ... The more bothersome air travel was during my 28th week of pregnancy ...

5 Week Old Nurses for Hours at a Time

My 5 week old son will nurse for 4-6 hours sometimes. My lactation consultant... " ... nurse college · week by week pregnancy symptoms ...

Pedicure During Pregnancy?

Can anyone recommend someplace to get a pedicure during pregancy? ... My girl there did my pedi's up to my 38th week 2 days before my son was born. ...

Hard Time Dealing with "Surprise Pregnancy"

Just a week before, I had my tubes tied, so it goes without saying, .... There is a reason you were blessed with another pregancy even though it doesn't ...

8 Days Late on Period but Pregnancy Tests Say Negative!

I took two pregnancy tests about a week after I was late. Both were negative. .... How Long for Blood Work to Show I'm Having a Baby · 12 ...

Sex During Pregnancy?

Who had intercourse during pregnancy? We have not been intimate since ... But just last week we made an agreement to have at least a few moments of intimacy ...

Pregnancy Itching @ Night ... Can Anyone Help?

Read all 12 responses: "Hello, I sure would love to get some help with this issue I am having with, itching. This is my sixth pregnancy, and fifth child, ...

8 Weeks Prego and Don't Feel Prego!

I am 12 weeks pregnant today and I just got done saying the same thing to some of my ... I would say by that 10th week I definatly started feeling pregnant. .... One pregancy I spotted and miscarried. The other pregnancy I spotted and ...

High Risk Pregnancy

My pressures did rise the last week of pregnancy - the dr sent me home to lay on the couch and then I was ..... S.H. answers from Detroit on August 12, 2008 ...

Moms of Multiples: What Were Your Symptoms!?

Can any moms that have had twins tell me their pregnancy symptoms or any ways ... It was also 1 week before my son turned 1 so I was a little shocked to say .... E. - I found out at 12 weeks that I was having twins - they saw it right ...
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