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Georgia Pre K Vs. Private Pre K

As far as I know, Georgia pre-K programs should all be fairly similar (covering the same .... Next question: Need Help Finding the Right Pre K Program! ...

Looking for a Full Time Pre-school Program in Liberty

Check with the school,our schools (independence) have preschool programs. .... Looking for Reasonably Priced, Good Pre-k Program That Meets 3 Times a Week ...

Looking for a Pre-school Program

Looking for a Pre-school Program. A child psychologist told me that she suspects my 3 year .... Need Advice on What to Do with My ADHD Son in Kindergarten ...

Preschool or Kindergarten?

I have a 3 yr old little girl and I am getting ready to research Pre-K programs for her to start next school year and I was wondering what some of you may ...

Preschool Vs. Pre-K

There are some head start pre-k programs you might be able to find that are low cost or free. You can also see if the school district offers any preschool ...

Pre-K Programs in New Tampa

Read all 5 responses: "I've been looking into VPK programs in my area (only looking into schools that are a couple miles North and South of I-75 that accept ...

Any Private K-8 Schools in SF and Marin That ALSO Have pre-K Programs?

Read all 5 responses: "Hello, We are new to SF and are interested in learning about private K-8 schools in San Francisco and Marin that also have pre-K ...

Is There a Pre Pre K?

Read all 6 responses: "Hi I heard that there is a pre pre-k for children under 3 years ... They say that kids coming out of the Starchild programs (there is ...

Pre K

We opted to send him to a private Pre-K program that met 5 half-days a week and when we sent him to K the next fall he walked in confidently and never ...

Advice on Kindergarten

He is scheduled to attend a pre-k program in the village for the fall. He will be in there with other summer boys and all we can do is know that we tried to ...
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  • one of the oldest in his class in 2 answers "... what was best for him because he would then be one of the oldest in his class ..."
  • family of christ in 2 answers "Both of my kids attended Family of Christ on BBD for preschool."
  • your gut in 2 answers "... 15th (?) I don't know what it may be in your district. Trust your gut ..."