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Advice on Dealing with Almost 3 Year Old Who Has a New Sibling

M.O. asks from Chicago

I have a great almost three year old and I just had another baby. I am having issues with my older son. They are probably just normal issues with a child his age but ...


Smart and Not-so Smart>>

C.C. asks from Houston

Two children born same month...same year...3 1/2 years can one child be so smart...i.e. can tell complete stories...sings so many songs...he was asked"do yo...


My Son Hates Tummy Time

C.W. asks from Seattle

I am a new SAHM to a beautiful 5 month old little boy. I am loving being home with him and he is a joy to both my husband and I. However, he absolutely hates tummy ti...


Promotingfine Motor Skills for 2Yr Old

A.A. asks from Minneapolis

My two-year-old daughter, Michelle, was found to have slight delays in fine motor skills for her age. I think it might be partially to blame on her temperment; she's ...


6 Year Old's Behavior in Kindergarden

M.G. asks from New York

Opinions on how to get a 6 year old boy engaged in school.... I had one of "those" meetings yesterday. He had issues in the beginning of the year and we worked on ...


Boundaries with Baby Two on the Way?

L.A. asks from Dallas

I'm at my wits end, folks. My 15 month old daughter is smart and independent and stubborn. She entered the "testing" phase a little early (11 months old...) and we ...


Another Question About My Older Daughter

A.J. asks from El Paso

since i received such an awesome response to my question yesterday, i decided this was worth a shot =) ok my older daughter will be 4 in april and she has a lot of t...


Do You Go to Church?

P.S. asks from Houston

I try. There is one 3 minutes away that has an awesome children's program. My son begs to go to church and stay for both services! And he comes home excited about ...


Taking Her Diaper Off

D.G. asks from Colorado Springs

My 2 y/o daughter will not stop taking her diaper off. and a few times it's been a poopy diaper! we tried to start potty training her because she really wanted too ...


Child Who Is Aggressive with "Things"

L.D. asks from Houston

My two-year old son is usually a very sweet child and gets along all kids, but he hits, throws, and bangs his toys on furniture A LOT! He is usually laughing (not fu...

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