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Chicken Pox

R.M. asks from San Antonio

I have a seven month old baby girl. Last weekend her cousin came to visit and gave her a kiss and played with her. Well - I got a call from his mother telling us th...


Chicken Pox

A.F. asks from Detroit

I would like to expose my daughter to chicken pox. If anyone has a child or knows of someone with this virus, would you please contact me. Thank you!


Chicken Pox

S.D. asks from Dover

Ok yesterday I was at my godsons birthday party with my almost 8 month old daughter. Today my friend calls to tell me that my godson woke up this morning with what he...


Chicken Pox

A.A. asks from Phoenix

We have decided to not vaccinate against chx pox and always just assumed that our kids would pick it up somewhere the same way we did when we were kids. But since eve...


Anyone with Chicken Pox?

D.S. asks from Detroit

Hi, I am wondering if there are any children who currenly have the chicken pox. I am looking to have a good old fashioned chicken pox party so my children can be ex...


Chicken Pox Vaccine

E.V. asks from San Francisco

my question is what do people think of the chicken pox vaccine? the reason i ask is because when we were children we of course did not even have a ch pox vaccine aval...


Chicken Pox Vax

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

Hi all, Just looking for some opinions: my little one is due for his chicken pox vaccination at his next check-up. Why do they now give that vaccine? I'm 33 and n...


Chicken Pox Parties.

K.R. asks from Sherman

i have a girlfriend who's little one (age 2) has chicken pox. and since i have declined the new vaccination for it i am considering exposing my daughter to it. but ...


Chix Pox Immunization Question

F.V. asks from Lancaster

Hiya Mom's, My son will be 1 year in Feb. He will be getting 2 vaccinations one of them is for chicken pox (I already had them when I was a child as did my hubby). I...


How Can I Help My 2Yo Be Comfortable During Chicken Pox?

L.B. asks from Denver

My just turned 2 year old was diagnosed with Chicken Pox yesterday. She has a high fever, the itchy pox, and is generally miserable. She can't sleep very well, and ...

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