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Formula Stains

I use Spray & Wash Dual Power (it has 2 different chambers of liquid that ..... All I did was use an old toothbrush to apply the gojo and scrub the stain. ...

Stain Remover

I also use a touch of soap occasionally, and a toothbrush. I use a natural soap - Dr. ... What works wonders for me is Spray & Wash MAX w/Resolve Power. ...

Looking for Great Pediatric Dentist in Gilbert Area

dentists find · power toothbrush · kid dentist · dental practice · dentist find · find dentist · Pediatric Care · Pediatric Dentistry ...

9 Month Old Waking Every Two Hours at Night!

... that so if you are willing to do this for the next few years more power to you. .... Also, we bought a little finger toothbrush and we massage his gums ...

Seeking Suggestions on a Stripper in the Crib Who Will Play with Her Poop

Don't panic, the toothbrush was to clean under his nail because a regular ... our toddlers so much power over us---not that you are doing this -I dont know. ...

Defiant 10-Yr Old Boy

... went to Wal-Mart and let him pick out his OWN toothbrush ~ (battery operated ) ..... Kids who feel powerless and disrespected find ways to get power- via ...

Newborn Laundry

If you get to it right away, hot water and a stiff brush (old toothbrush or I ..... and wash dual power, Depends on when it will be going into the wash. ...

Help with My 7 Year Old Daughter's Behavior

Like, say, giving her a toothbrush and bucket and telling her to scrub down the bathroom ..... She feels powerless at school, but exerts her power at home. ...

Tooth Brushing Nightmares

Sep 8, 2009 ... I dont know if it was a power struggle I know his tastes have not .... the flouride rinse that listeren makes and dip her tooth brush in it ...

Any Tips on Getting a One Year Old to Let You Brush His Teeth?

He will let me get the tooth brush in his mouth, but curls his lips over his teeth ... and she was 8 by then Id steer clear of a power struggle on this one ...
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