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Wooden Fence Rejuvenation

My husband just rented a power washer and powerwashed our fence - it looks BRAND ... I'm using a power washer to clean and then a sprayer to re-stain it. ...

My Child and Daycare Pick Up

Who has the decision power on the regular basis for child care? .... Her mom basically did everything in her power to keep me from her daughter even though ...

My 17 Month Old Won't Eat - Need Someideas!!

I think this is all about will-power on your part. My daughter is going on 7 years old & still plays the same game with me sometimes. When they're hungry, ...

Cheetah Girl Cake Ideas

in addition to the other ideas suggested you could do something simple like take the star shaped cake and decorate it with "Girl Power" on it. ...

Divorce Advice

Oh, you may have to refinance your home so that you can get his name off of it and remove any power on his part to interfer with you selling it and claiming ...

Help-my 8 Year Old Is Very Picky About Her Food.

It sounds to me like your daughter is using food as a way to gain power over you ... Stay strong - because she's 8, there's going to be quite a power ...

In Need of Good Advice...

Words have immeasurable power, so use them with care. Say only what you mean, and remember your opinion isn't fact. Silence is better than saying something ...

Pumping Problem!

This took some tremendous will power on my part, esp. because I have a 3 year old too who didn't want to sit around at home for me to pump every 4 hours. ...

A Small Baby

If you need to put some worry power on something, why not make it nutrition? Are you getting enough dark leafy greens, omega threes, drinking rasberry leaf ...
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  • hands free pumping bra in 2 answers "I also used a hands free pumping bra as another mom had mentioned, which helped me ..."
  • cheetah girl rings in 3 answers "You could also do cupcakes and put Cheetah Girl rings in them - they should have those ..."
  • also drank mothers milk in 2 answers "... my little one to look at any time I pumped at work. I also drank Mother's Milk ..."
  • maybe your husband felt in 2 answers "... that much about your situation, my thought is that maybe your husband felt ..."
  • when they are hungry enough in 2 answers "Honestly when they are hungry enough they will eat."