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Need Idas to Make a Flower Costume

My son was actually the beanstalk in Jack and the Beanstalk once, and my daughter was a flower power girl, and combining those things, ta-da! A flower! ...

Need Decoration Ideas for Girls Room

on the younger girl's side, you can put a cute white bookshelf(or use the farm .... What about all the flower power stuff that's pretty popular right now? ...

Seeking Advice on Dealing with Mean Girls..

Give her the power to choose when she will interact with these girls -- give her vocabulary like -- when you say or do "X" I don't want to play with you. ...

2-Yo Won't Wear Blanket Sleeper: Updated

It's not an issue as far as power struggle, we have laid down clear limits as far ... I think this is just my little girl's way of exerting control over her ...

Ideas on Keeping a Day Dreamer on Track.

I need ideas on keeping my sweet little 2nd grade girl on track. ... to see how long it would take her to do her 10 mins of independent Spelling Power. ...

My 1 Year Old Won't Quit Screaming!

... but I too have been told it is a power test to see how far he can go. ..... A little girl at my church does this when I teach Sunday school (screams ...

How to Clean a Baby Girl?

Nov 2, 2009 ... Read all 17 responses: "Hi Moms, I am expecting a baby girl and can't stop thinking 'oh my gosh, ... The power of poo is truly amazing. : ) ...

Potty Training

Read all 9 responses: "I need advice on training a 3 yr old girl who is reluctant ... We also love the video "Potty Power". We watch it even when we're not ...

Girl Scouts

Well, the adults are now shafting my sons and so, to this, I say, find another troop for the girls. Protect your girls from adults that are unruly and power ...

Toddler Refusing to Go to Bed

It is a power of the wills and she needs to understand her boundries. She should be old enough to rationalize. ..... power girl · baby toddler shoes ...
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