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Suggestions on Getting My 3-Year Old to Drink Milk

The other option is use nestle vanilla powder, chocolate, or strawberry powder. ... When my son switched to sippies, he wouldn't drink milk out of them ...

Drinking Milk from Sippy Cup

I didn't carry milk bottles around. I put a little chocolat powder in a sippy cup and he eventually started sucking those down too. Helpful? ...

Decongestant and Milk Supply

Aug 19, 2009 ... They do decrease your milk supply so I probably would not take them. ... The Innergize is great for the plane - you can take the powder onto ...

Switching from Ready-to-eat to Powder Formula?

The ready to made is thick compared to powder formula. Its like drinking a milk shake versus skim milk. I used to use both. The powder formula I would make ...

Goat's Milk

I got the milk fresh every other day. Have never used the liquid or powdered.I would have just pumped and gave him breast milk if I had the chance, ...

Daughter Won't Drink Much Milk- Need Advice!

My kids drank their milk better if I added chocolate to it. I use the nesquick powder because I don't have to add a lot. I would also make them hot ...

Mothers Milk Tea

The Mothers Milk tea has Fenugreek in it so I'm pretty sure either one will have the same effect. ... or pour the powder into a drink and just chug it down. ...

Milk in the Sippy Cup Strike!

After a little while, we reduced how much ovaltine powder was in there, and now she just has milk, with ovaltine for treats a couple of times a week. ...

Transitioning to Milk

Enfamil makes it and it's a powder but it's great. She may have issues with milk and I am telling you try her with a plain lowfat yogurt, during the day ...

Daughter Refuses to Take Milk from a Cup

Try chocolate milk. Not the healthiest option, I know. But you can reduce the chocolate each .... powder milk · milk powder · toddler refuses to drink milk ...
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