potty training too early

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Potty Training My 19 Month Old Daughter

She does very well with the potty training while at home, ... She is only 19 months old so I wouldn't push it too hard but I wouldn't ask her if she needs or ... As a licensed early childcare provider for 12+ years and mom to 3 kiddos, ...

Earliest Successful Potty Training Age?

Many girls will be ready to start as early as 21 months, and many boys won't be ready until almost his third birthday. Keep in mind too that potty training ...

Potty Training

Interest in the potty at an early age is probably curiousity and a first step, but not a real urge to pursue toilet training. It can be a game for them too ...

Weaning and Potty Training

I weaned my first at about 22 months, and it was too early for her, and she is still sad (weaning this .... Anything under two is early for potty training. ...

Potty Training

I think it's never too early to start. Have you ever heard of infant potty training? Those people can potty train with great success. Me? ...

Potty Training

Eighteen months is the earliest I have heard of someone potty training. ... No, I don't think it's too early. Even if he just sits on the Elmo potty with ...

Potty Training

My 18mth old girl, is now telling me everytime she poops, and i can tell when she is peeing, should i be potty training her now? Or is it still too early? ...

Potty Training

Hi L., I totally understand the frustration with potty training. ... Pushing it too early because you are fed up will only cause regression or make it a ...

Potty Training

I tried to start potty training my first child when she was 18 months and taht was too early, she was not fully potty trained until she was 2 1/2, ...

19 Month Potty Training Din't Work for More than 1 Month

Read all 9 responses: "I started potty training my 19 month old daughter 1 1/2 months before still she is not ... potty training too early · able to sit up ...
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