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How to Get My 2Yr. Old Son to Start Potty Training

I tried potty training my 2 year old son and he did the same thing. He wanted to , but when it came down to it, he was NOT interested. I am going to try ...

Potty Training

I have potty trained LOTS of children. There was one boy who just refused to potty train. He just was not interested. His Mom didn't push him. ...

Potty Training Tips...........HELP!!!!!

My 3 year old daughter wants nothing to do with potty training. ... Maybe she's just not ready yet. She's obviously not interested! LOL ...

Potty Training??

When my son was born, she decided that she was not interested in it at all. .... If she refuses not to potty train right now then don't force her, go on her ...

Reading to 1 Year Olds/Potty Training

If he is still not interested give him 3 or 4 months and try again. He will eventually love being read to. As for Potty training they will let you know when ...

Potty Training an Almost 3 Year Old Girl

I have tried potty training my little girl for the past few months. She is not really interested in going potty on the toilet. I bought the potty training ...

Potty training~More Clarification Added at the Bottom!

A little over a year ago she started to train on her own. We had the little potty and the insert that you can get for the toilet but she was not interested ...

Potty Training

So it is with out children when they are not potty-training age. .... RELAX - he is obviously not interested and so what is the point of your anxiety - try ...

Potty Train 19 Month Old?

With older kids around they may just be more interested in it because their siblings are doing it. ... Potty Training - Not Sure Yet ...

Potty Training

Hi there, unfortunately as a mother of two (girl 5 boy 1) it is no easy task potty training a toddler who is not interested. With my daughter we tried ...
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  • no interest in potty training in 2 answers "My youngest just turned 3 and has almost no interest in potty training."
  • sticker chart in 4 answers "I also used reinforcement with a sticker chart that was right in the bathroom."
  • make a big deal in 3 answers "If she's dry in the morning, put her on, make a big deal of her being a ""
  • go pee pee in 2 answers "Mommy is for you, and i know that you can do it". say "Go pee pee". You need to ..."
  • had no interest in 3 answers "... young, I swore that he was going to be in diapers at age 35. He had no interest ..."