potty training in underwear

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Potty Training

After a few days of this we switched to the regular underwear. I wish you luck! And remember, no matter how long it takes to potty train, it won't last ...

Potty Training

With her, I am going to wait until the summer to really start potty-training. At first I am going to have to have her wear underwear. ...

Potty Training

A child who is ready to potty train will not be confused by a pullup. Even so, I would put underwear on during the day at home so he can get used to how ...

2 1/2 Year Old Potty Training

You also have to keep him in underwear or training pants while potty training so they actually feel the wetness. Good luck!! Helpful? ...

My Son Will Only Poop in His Underwear - I Need Some Help!

Potty training is so much fun isn't it? When I potty trained my son, ... So he' ll try and then get down and go have the accident in his underwear...UGHHH! ...

Best Potty Chair and Training Advice for Boys

The way I potty trained my son when he was little (he's almost 28 now) but while I was shopping, I picked up a pack of little boy's underwear, not training ...

Potty Training

My daughter had this problem for about 9 months after potty training and then it just stopped. I never MADE her clean out her underwear, she is still little ...

Potty Training

I am in the middle of potty-training a 2 1/2 year old boy. Lately we have had more success, by that I mean one to 2 pairs of underwear a day. ...

Where to Begin with Potty Training

If so, start in the morning put on a pullup or underwear (if you have all day to train). Put on the potty first thing in the morning she should go. ...
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