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Seeking Some Good Advice for Potty Training!!

Boys are typically slower at potty training than girls. However, boys want to go to the bathroom on their own at some point - don't forget this. ...

A Good Training Potty for Boys

Read all 18 responses: "I would like to get a training potty for my son. He is still way too young but I'd like to have it sitting in the bathroom so he can ...

Help with Potty Training My 20 Month Old - M. A.

M., I think that you are off to a great start potty training. Continue taking him when he tells you ..... potty training help · potty training tips for boys ...

Potty Training Help.......... Anyone Tried Potty Scotty?

My son is 2 1/2 and I am having a difficult time potty training him. ... Dad showed them, with them on a step stool, how big boys relieve themselves and ...

When to Start Potty Training

I started training my son at 19mo. He is 26mo. and is 85% potty trained (we took it slowly). ... Potty Training Little Boys · 27 · Potty Training Boys ...

Potty Training with Two Small Children

Potty training isn't easy and every child is different. My boys (now 14 and 10) potty trained starting at 2 1/2. I didn't push them before that. ...

How to potty train toddler twins?

Read all 29 responses: "Any suggestions on potty training twin boys. My boys are two years and three months old. I'm beginning to wonder if we've started to ...

Potty Training

My 2 and a half year old wants nothing to do with potty training, I have sat him on .... So making going to the potty "fun" can often be the trick for boys. ...

He Doesn't Grasp the Reward for Successful Potty Training.

Honestly tying potty training to a long term material reward is bound to fail ... Boys are hard to potty train. You have to give him time and be patient. ...

Potty Training 2 1/2 Yr Old Boy

Don't force the issue... it will backfire! ;) The average age for potty training these days is around 39 months and it is usually longer for boys. ...
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  • pee pee in the potty in 5 answers "She would pee pee in the potty, but insisted on a diaper to poop."
  • made a really big deal in 2 answers "I gave my son an M&M every time he went and made a really big deal out of it."
  • cloth training pants in 3 answers "I put the thick cloth training pants on them & if we went somewhere I put rubberpants ..."
  • dont think it really matters in 2 answers "As far as the best potty. I don't think it really matters much."
  • baby bjorn potty in 3 answers "I am also going to reccommend the baby bjorn potty."