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Need Some Really Good Advice on Potty Training

Dec 17, 2009 ... My daughter started potty training at 18 months. .... We bought the Potty Power dvd and put the potty chair infront of the tv, ...

3 Year Old Potty Training Resistance and Discipline Issues

We recently started potty training after having the potty chair for a while ... go potty we read lots of potty books and watch Go Potty Go (a DVD) We have ...

Potty Training- Digression

Oct 9, 2009 ... Also, watching Elmo's Potty Time DVD helped my son when he had a little .... This happens quite frequently with potty training....once the ...

Potty Training My 2 Year Old

I just finshed potty training my 2 yr old daughter and a sticker chart is what .... I also got a DVD called Potty Power (you can google and find it pretty ...

Best Time to Potty Train

I wanted to know when would be the best time to potty train him. ... video No More Diapers (there seems to be a shortage of worthy PT DVD options out there! ...

Daughter Afraid to Poop!

But what I learned with potty training, is pooping comes last. ... The name of the DVD is Go Potty Go. Its a great DVD to show them its ok to go on the ...

Best Potty Chair and Training Advice for Boys

When he was potty training, I taught him to sit first.. their aim is not so good ... ifyou ... There is also books to read and tapes/DVD's available too. ...

How to Potty Train My 2.5 Daughter! She Shows No Interest???

I actaully bought a dvd for potty training. Then I put the potty out in the living room and thats how she learned. I know it might sound gross but it does ...

My 2 and a Half Year Old Has No Interest in Potty Training

I'm going to buy the Elmo DVD as well so my son sees his beloved Elmo pottying. ... When i was having trouble getting my 2 year old to potty train, ...

Diet and Exercise

Medicines · Mental Health · Potty Training · Preventative Care · Reproductive ... I have heard prenatal yoga, but I cannot find a DVD in the store and not ...
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  • backing off the potty training in 2 answers "I really suggest backing off the potty training!! In her mind she isn't ready yet ..."
  • baby bjorn potty chair in 2 answers "Baby Bjorn potty chair. They come in 2 sizes but get the bigger one."
  • potty trained by sept in 2 answers "... if they can accommodate your son if he doesn't get fully potty trained by Sept."
  • hot wheels cars in 2 answers "We started giving him rewards every time he went (little hot wheels cars,) and he ..."
  • let her go at her own pace in 2 answers "I didn't push the issue but decided to let her go at her own pace."