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He Doesn't Grasp the Reward for Successful Potty Training.

I just completed the 3 day potty training technique that I bought on the internet for $24. It has been so awesome. All of our previous attempts have failed ...

Advice on Potty Training Twins

I'm a day care provider also and haven't tried potty training twins, though I've been through training more than one child at once. ...

Where to Begin with Potty Training

i dont know if youve tried the potty training a day book or not. but it helped me to get a different perspective. we actually bought a doll that wets and ...

Potty Training

They were both 2 years and 10 months old when we did the actual potty training. Within three days, they were completely trained... day and night! ...

Potty Training 26-Month-old Girl

Dec 22, 2009 ... I would recommend the three day potty training method at www.3daypottytraining. com. I used it when my son was 3 years old and it worked ...

Good Books on "Potty Training" Which Helped YOU

I think that my 2 yr old daughter is ready to be potty trained, but I do not know where to start. I am kind of skeptical about potty training in 1 day..."

Potty Training....

I still use diapers at night for now and i picked up the book potty training in one day and got some tips and ideas from it. I have half a box of diapers ...

Potty Training Doll

Hi mom's, my pedi reccommended using the book "Potty Training in Less Than One Day" - this book suggests that you teach your child with a doll that goes ...

Potty Training

There is a reply that you received earlier about the 3 Day Potty Training Method ! That's what we used for my 24 month old and he was potty trained in 3 days ...

Need Help Potty Training Twin Boys

She runs a potty-training workshop that will get the job done in 5 hours. It's billed as "potty training in less than a day" and is based on a ...
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  • once upon a potty in 3 answers "I second the recommendation for "Once Upon A Potty""
  • 3 day potty training in 2 answers "I just completed the 3 day potty training technique that I bought on the internet ..."
  • elmo doll in 3 answers "I had a stuffed Elmo doll, and I would put Elmo on the little kids potty on the floor ..."
  • sticker chart in 2 answers "For poo - we used a sticker chart and candy."
  • immediate reward in 2 answers "I would think of a smaller immediate reward (m&ms or something) for each time he goes."