potty training before 18 months

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Potty Training

My daughter was completely potty trained before 20 months. Some children mature faster than others ... 18 months is the perfect age to start potty training. ...

Diaper Leakage Problem on 18 Month Old

He's 18 months old, 37.5 inches tall and weighs 33 pounds. ... Begin to potty train him he is a big boy now. Put him in an overnight diaper/pull up .... Get a little training potty and show your son how to pee in it, maybe before bed. ...

Early Potty Training

my duaghter has been early potty training since she was 6 months.I could write a lot of stuff here but i would .... Before we knew it we were diaperless. Helpful ? ... My grandmother swears that my Dad was potty trained at 18 months. ...

Potty Training

I bought my son a potty well before he was actually ready to be "trained". ... My daughter was 18 months old by the time she was completely potty trained! ...

Earliest Successful Potty Training Age?

Potty training began at 18 months with my oldest. She was telling us when she went, so I started. It took about 2 months to get her to tell us before she ...

When to Potty Train

My son was really enthusiastic at about 18 months, doing great, then decided he was bored with ... We never received any fully potty trained kids before two, ... Funny, I started potty training my 26 month old (5th child) this morning! ...

Potty Training

K was home potty learned for many months before I felt he was ready to go out .... I started with my youngest son at 18 months. Just introduced him to the ...

Potty Training

Jan 3, 2010 ... I started potty training my daughter at 6 months, yes 6 months. ... http://www. amazon.com/Diaper-Free-Before-Healthier-Toilet. ...

Potty Training

Read all 14 responses: "Ok so I have done this before so I am not ... I also have twin girls who are 18 & when I was potty training them, a friend suggested ...

When Did You Potty Train Your Child?

I tried it when he was like 18 month old but he wasnt ready at all. It was more of a struggle. I can say everybody i talked to they started potty training ...
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