potty training and regression

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Potty Training Regression

Read all 5 responses: "My two and a half year old boy was doing well with potty training he had peeing on the potty down pat and was working on the other.

Potty Training Through the Night

This kind of regression is SOOO common when kids start preschool. Don't let it stress you out ... Overnight Potty Training for My 4 Year Old Daughter ...

Potty Regression

I'm hoping you all might have some good ideas on how to deal with my 2 year old's (33 months) recent potty-training regression. He potty-trained pretty ...

Regression and Separation

The potty training regression started before preschool. Don't think the 2 are connected for this reason. Anybody else go through something similar? ...

Potty Training Regression After New Baby

Read all 6 responses: "What do you do when a 2 1/2 year-old is pretty much potty trained (staying dry in underwear all day and waking up dry in a pullup ...

Potty Training

I wasn't planning on potty training her until sometime after the baby came, .... training her because I didn't want to deal with the regression part once my ...

3 1/2 Year Old Regresses with Potty Training

At first, he had numerous accidents and refused to pee in the potty. Then yesterday, he locked..." ... Potty Training Regression ...

5 Year Old Has Regressed with Potty Training

The 2nd born was doing well with the potty training for about a year when the youngest started sitting up and .... Need Help with Potty Training Regression! ...

Regression After Constipation

Regression After Constipation. My daughter is 3 1/2 and has been potty ..... I would go back to some potty training basics and help her through her fear. ...

3 Yr Old Potty Trained, Then Started Wetting the Bed

Potty training can have it's moments of regression, just like other thingsin life. I wouldn't stress about it. I'm sure this isn't something she is ...
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