potty training and daycare

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A Potty for Potty Training?

Preschool or Day Care .... I am currently finishing up potty training my son, and I found a top of the toilet seat potty seat works better...it's much ...

Potty Training Question

My son is almost three and I work in a day care and I have noticed that most boys ... I have noticed that if I push my son into potty training that he gets ...

Potty Training

Has anyone heard of, or used, the WeeMinder potty training system? ... I just finished using Lois Kleint's book Potty Training in Three Days and it's ...

Difficult Potty Training 33 Month Old Boy

I have a 33 month-old girl who made great progress on potty training at daycare between age 2 and 30 months. Then after moving to her new room and us taking ...

Potty Training

Well that did not happen so I did the 3 day potty training. .... My son was potty trained in no time with the assistance of day care and peer pressure. ...

Potty Training

As far as day care and potty training, your day care providers should co-operate with you in your endeavor. They may have advice as to how to approach this. ...

Potty Training

I worked with my daughter for a couple of months on potty training and she was doing ok. As soon as she started daycare it was like everything clicked. ...

Potty Training My 3Yr Old

I found potty training in the warmer seasons easier. Just keep a potty in the room with .... Our daycare told us to change our son over to real underpants. ...

3Yr Old Potty Training

But my question is, how do i go about potty training when he's already afraid to go poop. ... My son's 2 1/2 and I've used the reward system (and day care). ...

Potty Training Mom Needs Encouragement

So maybe you could have the daycare and sunday school use the pull ups. The kind that they feel when they are wet. Potty training is all in her time. ...
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