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Adivce on Potty Training

Sep 21, 2009 ... I friend of mine sent me a book called the Potty Trainer I havent read all of it yet but it's been helpful so far ...

Potty Training!

We finally got him completely potty trained when school started for him this year. I followed the advise and nurturing of a wonderful book called Toilet ...

Potty Training

2) A few weeks before we started using the potty we went to Half Price Books and let her pick a "Potty Book" We spent the next few weeks reading the book to ...

Which Potty Should I Buy?

I read a potty training book before I started with my daughter. The book recommended that if your child is comfortable with the "big potty," then a potty ...

Potty Training #2

My 20 month old is potty trained...sort of. She has no problem going #1 in the toilet and has been for a ... potty training books · potty toilet training ...

3 Day Potty Training?

3 day method in 2 answers through potty training twice now and Im not sure what exactly the 3day method .... potty training books · toilet training book ...

Need Potty Training Advice

i once read a book that stated that most children usually revert on potty trainning when one of two things happen...they werent ready to be potty trained or ...

Potty Training

That is when I realized, "He knows what to do. He just doesn't care." A couple of months later he asked for the Potty Book we had not looked at for months. ...

Potty Training #2

Oct 24, 2009 ... Another idea is to read potty training books for kids to her. I used a book that was interactive and my son really liked that. ...

Not the Usual Potty-training Question!

I used the book potty training in less than a day and it worked for me I knew mine could but just wouldnt Basic premise is that your daughter trains the ...
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  • dont give her time outs in 2 answers "Don't give her time outs for this. She'll do it when she is ready."
  • make a big deal in 2 answers "When she poops in her diaper you should empty it in the potty, make a big deal about ..."
  • 3 day method in 2 answers "I'm going to try the 3-day method next weekend, so I can tell you after that."
  • potty chair in 6 answers "... to say good job for not waitng until she is 2 or 3 to start, The potty chair ..."
  • been using the potty in 2 answers "He wants them pretty bad so he has been using the potty."