pot roast beef stew

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Crockpot Recipes

Lightly dust the pot roast (I used eye of the round and cut off the slab of fat .... 2 lbs Beef stew beef chunks. Potatoes carrots 1 large can baked beans ...

Meals to Freeze in Preparation for New Baby...

Jan 19, 2010 ... Any stewed/braised meals like beef stew, pot roast, chicken cacciatore, chili, etc. I have a great hawaiian kielbasa recipe if you'd like ...

Looking for Good Slow Cooker Recipes for Family Night on Sundays

Here is a good pot roast, I know it might sound a little wierd but it taste ... -Beef stew is easy-stew meat (I put it in frozen), diced carrots, onions, ...

Need Help with Organizing Meals, Toys and Clothes Any Suggestions?

Another is a pot roast in the crock pot, throw in pork or beef pot roast, garlic and seasoning then a few hours before ready to eat throw in onion, ...

Ideas for Meals for New Moms

Other ideas are anything you can put into a crock pot - roast, stew, ... chicken soup, beef stew, or you can even pick up a rotisserie chicken at the ...

Meal to Freeze and Cook Later

Also something like pot roast or beef stew. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. C.L. answers from Duluth on March 13, 2007 ...

Rice Cooker and Crock Pot Recipes

Oct 23, 2009 ... Mango-Chipotle Pot Roast. 1 3-4 lb boneless beef chuck roast 1 TBSP McCormick Montreal steak seasoning ... Crock Pot, Soup, and Stew Recipes ...

Crock Pot Recipes

Dec 24, 2009 ... Italian Beef recipe 1 roast 1 package of onion soup mix 1 C water 2 TBS basil 2 TBS oregano .... Crock Pot, Soup, and Stew Recipes ...

Easy Recipies or Crock Pot Meals

Stew? Cut up potatoes, carrots, turnip, squash or other tougher veggies and add to a pot with a can of chicken, beef, turkey or veggie stock. ...

Saving Dinner...

You could probably make it into like beef tips and noodles. ... Also, maybe you could incorporate it into chili or beef stew? ... Leftover Pot Roast ...
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  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup in 2 answers "... pot and then add 1 package dry onion soup mix, 1 can cream of mushroom soup ..."
  • dry onion soup mix in 2 answers "... add your pot roast to the crock pot and then add 1 package dry onion soup mix ..."
  • place roast in crock pot in 2 answers "... 1 bottle beer 1 jar pepporcini peppers with juice Place roast in crock pot ..."
  • onion soup mix in 3 answers "stew beef (1 inch pieces) ½-1 envelope onion soup mix 10."
  • cream of mushroom soup in 2 answers "... to taste), add about a cup of velveeta cheese, a can of cream of mushroom soup ..."