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Porcelain Dolls

V.W. asks from Minneapolis

I have some porcelain dolls that I want to get rid of, but I have no idea how much they are worth. Google didn't provide much information either. I have 8 dolls f...


Child's Tea Set

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

I'm looking to buy a tea set for a nine year old girl and I didn't realize how tiny so many of them are. Any advice on whether ceramic or porcelain is better? Are you...


Too Old for American Girl Doll?

M.M. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is almost 12 in August, I don't want her to grow up too fast or anything, but she has 2 american girl dolls and she still plays with them and takes them o...


Bitty Baby (American Girl) or Madame Alexander

V.V. asks from Houston

I'm looking into buying my 2 1/2 year old girl a baby doll. She really likes the doll with the eyes that open and close. The Bitty Baby dolls are so cute from America...


Need Advice on Business Idea

E.R. asks from Austin

I've been considering starting a small business but I'm worried about losing money if it doesn't succeed, so I wanted to get some feedback on my idea. I want to creat...


Would You Let Your Kids Do This?

R.D. asks from Richmond

We have this older neighbor Miss B, who is super sweet. She gives the kids candy over the fence and gives the dog doggy treats ;) She lives alone and often gets lone...


15 Years Old and Wants an American Girl Doll?

T.P. asks from Phoenix

my daughter is 15 years old and badly wants an American girl doll isnt she a little old for that stuff? not as a collectable but to play with it worries me


Convert Old Wedding Dress into Memory Gifts?

E.S. asks from Chicago

I recently lost my grandmother and grandfather (after 59 years of marriage, they passed away within 5 weeks of each other) and my family is now faced with the task of...


Baby Yoga?

☆.A. asks from Pittsburgh

Have you seen the Baby Yoga videos where they swing the baby? What do you think of this? Have you done it? Would you try it?


To Play or Not to Play?

L.G. asks from San Antonio

Do you allow your children to play with special edition toys such as the holiday barbie or do you save them for them unopened? My daughter is always asking for them a...

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