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Popular Kid Names

N.T. asks from Detroit

Hi! I helped out at school a few days ago and heard my son's name constantly. My oldest son is Jacob and my youngest Jayden. I never looked into the popularity o...


Boy Names...

C.C. asks from Chicago

As my boyfriend and I are getting down to the last few weeks of deciding names, we are very interested in making sure we pick the right one. Please send me your f...


Boy Names

A.C. asks from Allentown

I am having the hardest time coming up with boy names. We are on baby #4 and have 3 boys Andrew, Nicholas, Joseph. So I would like to have something that went in li...


Boy Names...

A.P. asks from Detroit

I am having a hard time finding a boy name, I am exspecting and we do not know the sex and need help with names!!! I like Katelynn (or Kaitlynn) for a girl I have a ...


Boy Names

B.J. asks from Longview

Hello ladies, I think I have finally narrowed my name choices down-Kade, Jason, Korbin or Jaxson. I am still having a hard time to decide, my top pick is Kade. ...


Boy Names

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Everyone, SO I just found out last week that baby number 2 is a boy. I have a 2yr daughter. I have absolutely NO boy names picked out and honestly am finding it h...


Thoughts on Naming Your Child a Popular Baby Name?

K.H. asks from Phoenix

From previous questions I've posted, you may know that my husband and I are struggling to find a name for our baby boy due in July. We've run the gamut with names an...

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  • jacob william james in 2 answers "Joshua William Jacob William James Jared Justin Jace William, Wallace, Wilford ..."
  • james preston james in 2 answers "Gregory James Spencer James Reese James Preston James Good Luck."
  • sons name is wyatt in 2 answers "My son's name is Wyatt - he's 11 and loves it."
  • kade jason in 3 answers "I love Kade Jason"
  • jason alexander in 3 answers "I like Jason, that is a solid name. Jason Alexander, Jason Andrew, or Jason Scott."