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I'm Looking for a Fabric Store in the Henderson Seven Hills Neighborhood.

P.A. asks from Las Vegas

I have a need for thread (and needles) in colors other than black and white...it seems that they are packed somewhere in that mess in the garage....and of course bu...


5 Week Old Who Will Only Sleep in a Swing or on My Chest

M.J. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have advice on how to get my 5 week old to sleep in his crib. He will be asleep in my arms and the minute I put him in his crib, which is inclined, his e...


Help - 4 YO Has near Constant Tantrums!

J.C. asks from Roanoke

My 4 YO daughter has always been stubborn - but until recently she was pretty good natured so it was okay. Now she is having tantrum after tantrum and I am at my wit...


Looking for Make-ahead Dinner Solutions

D.C. asks from Chicago

Hi moms! I work full-time & have 2 little ones at home (3 1/2 and 15 months), and I only get about an hour to an hour & a half with them once I get home before I have...


My Kid Wont Sleep!!

A.H. asks from Salt Lake City

my husband and i are the proud parents of a 3 month old baby boy!! since we brought him home he would never sleep in his crib or his sleeper that is right by our bed,...


Video & Viruses on This Site

L.M. asks from Chicago

Has anyone else noticed the advertisements on this site are getting extremely annoying? I will have two videos with audio playing over each other at the same time so...


Music for an Almost Nine Year Old

K.M. asks from Chicago

Hello! I hope some of you can help me with suggestions! I need to buy some new cd's for my daughter. I don't feel she is ready for most of the pop stuff on the rad...


I Need Advice on How to Treat a Burn

V.D. asks from Salt Lake City

My 2 year old touched the glass on the gas fireplace with the palm of one hand. It was off but by only a few minutes. She now has blisters. I've sprayed it with S...


Daycare Question- Should I Be Concerned or No Big Deal

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hello! When I asked if my hubby could stop in during the day while he is out and about to visit my son, my sitter said "no". She said it wouls be upsetting for the ...


Think I Just Gave up My Debit Card Info Accidently, Help

T.L. asks from St. Louis

I made a purchase at Toys R Us on-line and when I went to check out I put in all of my information. Then a seperate screen popped up asking to verify my card. After...

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