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Toddler Travel Tips

paper and pencil, stickers to decorate the paper, and a touch and feel/pop up book to read together. I seriously packed my backpack full of things to use ...

Explaining Death

The book "The Fall of Freddy the Leaf" was probably as helpful to me as to my .... and there are several ways that will pop up for you to choose from. ...

Easter Basket Ideas for a 13 Month Old

Maybe some pop up books, small set of crayons, coloring book, Baby Einstein books or DVD. Check the 99 cents store and the dollar aisle at Target. ...

Activities for Road Trip

I went to the library and got all the pop-up books and books with flaps that I could find. It kept my then 16 month old busy for the entire 8 hour ride. ...

Quality vs Quantity This Holiday Season!

Those pop up tents are good too and not too much money. I got a book from Costco a few years ago that popped up into a car for $15 or so. ...

Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Boy

Finally, there are 2 great books that he's gotten that he adores "Pirateology" and a Spider Man incredible pop up book. In fact, there are a ton of very ...

20 Month Old on Airplane

Sep 10, 2009 ... Also, I buy pop-up kids books for the trip...but I don't show them to her until we're on the plane and she's getting restless. ...

Ideas to Keep Kids Busy on an Airplane

Have some really fun picture books to look at (touchy-feel/pop-up are best to keep little hands busy). Barrel of Monkeys is fun to play with as well as ...

Flying Alone with 2 Year Old!

When I flew with my son at about that age, a friend gave us a pop up book for him. I saved it for "on the airplane" and it was the BEST. ...

Fun Learning Books

Read all 13 responses: "Where do you find fun learning books - work books- of ... places that offer free printable worksheets of various kinds will pop up! ...
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