Poor Baby

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Baby Constipated

Go see a pediatric gastroenterologist - it is NOT NORMAL to not go for 2 weeks and that poor baby is miserable. A tablespoon of mineral oil works wonders ...

What Products to Use for an Infant Who Has a Rash

Your poor baby! I hope the rash isn't painful! I would switch laundry detergents ASAP! I use and recommend Shaklee's Get Clean products. ...

Sick Baby

Oh A., that poor baby. I hope he feels better soon. What i am about to say is strictly just my opinion & always ask your dr and use your mommy judgement for ...

Baby Constipation

Read all 32 responses: "I think my poor baby is constipated, she's pushing and straining and crying like it hurts, she had a smidgon of a bm in her diaper ...

Stye in the Eye!

On top of a 3 week old broken clavicle my poor baby now has a sty in her eye! As far as I know there is nothing I can do for her other then putting a warm ...

Toddler with Poor Eating Habits

She still eats baby food and does not like the texture of many other foods. I understand that the "eating issue" ..... Poor Baby · infant toddler feeding ...

My 8 Week Old Has Reflux!

Hi M., poor baby boy! I have it myself, so I know what he's going through. Prevacid I think is the best thing out there for babies, you could try zantac and ...

20-Month Old Has Diarrhea and Horrible Diaper Rash

I am so sorry, I hope your poor baby get's well soon! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. S. answers from Dallas on September 1, 2008 ...

Good Diapers to Hold in Diarrhea

Poor baby put him on the brat diet only Bread rice applesnot apple juice bananas Use Luvs they are the absolute best diaper on the market My baby girl had ...

Formula Issues with New Baby

Your poor baby! And poor you! I hope you can figure out what won't upset her tummy..and soon! I still breastfeed my daughter, but she does get formula also. ...
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  • dark karo syrup in 3 answers "Check with your doctor, but a little dark karo syrup in a warm bottle will work FAST."
  • free of dyes and perfumes in 2 answers "... allergy testing is GREAT), and we do use a detergent free of dyes and perfumes ..."
  • used cetaphil soap in 2 answers "... on since she was a baby (much worse when she was a baby). We used cetaphil soap ..."
  • common food allergens in 2 answers "Eliminate all 10 of the common food allergens - search the web for a list."
  • warm tea bag in 2 answers "A warm Tea bag will help draw out the plug quickly and washing the lids with johnson ..."