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Mom Seeking Advice on Time Changes with Sleep Schedule

We took our 15 month twins last spring to Poland for 2 weeks. The first 3 days were really hard. They slept on the plane because we flew at night. ...

Flying While Pregnant

Everyone is different, but I flew to Poland when I was 6 months and swelled up horribly, even though I religiously walked every hour and drank lots of water ...

Bottle Suggestions

My pedi put my son on flouride drops at 6 mos as we use Poland Springs for his bottle since our well water's flouridation varies. ...

Grandparents Coming to Visit

My in-laws came in September from Poland and stayed 3 weeks. We kept our son in his crib, and we slept on a mattress in his room on the floor. ...

My 10 1/2 Month Old Used to Sleep Through the Night Now He Gets up Once, Help.

My grandmother is straight from Poland. And it did work for me and my family. According to what you wrote above it sounds like your son might be having ...

Looking for Au Pairs

Some of our largest recruitment countries include Germany, Brazil, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Poland and Sweden. They are fluent in English as well as their ...

Airline Travel with a 2 1/2 Year old...Yikes!

We have traveled with him since he was around 3 months old, to everywhere, New York, all the way to Poland. My advice on the plane trip is to not bring ...

Airplane Tips for a 9 Month Old

We flew to Poland with her when she was 12 months old. We were stuffed in the middle of the plane and had seats reclining on us, and it was a bit more ...

Advice on Taking the Bottle Away

... was three to take the bottle away completly, by then i could just tell him.. ..bottles are pain in the neck...heres your Poland Springs bottle of water! ...

I'm Looking for Someone to Teach My 4Yr Old Polish

She was a teacher in Poland and speaks excellent English. Email me at [email protected]____. com and I will send you her contact info and find out how much she charges. ...
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