pneumonia symptoms

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My daughter had pneumonia when she was a baby and its sometimes really difficult to diagnose ... but they happened to pick the one that doesn't work on pneumonia . .... nose doctors · pneumonia symptoms · ringer the · hospital medicine ...

Help with Pneumonia

I had walking pneumonia twice and was sick constantly as a child with upper ... I do not have experience with a child being susceptible to pneumonia, ...

Pneumonia Vaccine

My doctor wants my 6 month old to get the pneumonia vaccine. .... My daughter got pneumonia at nine months. I treated her with accupunture and herbs plus ...

My Daughter Gets Pneumonia Every Year!!

My son is 20 months old and he too has had pneumonia once a year, ... I believe that there are pneumonia shots that can be given at the places flu shots are ...

Swine Flu or Just Bad Cold Symptoms

Swine flu is indeed going around and the symptoms vary kid to kid but my ... The bigger problem we both encountered was a sudden onset of pneumonia 1-2 days ...

2 1/2 Yr Old Coughing During the Night...

My little boy also had these symptoms (starting about the age of 1 1/2) .... My 5 Week Old Was Just Diagnosed W/ Pneumonia and a Touch of RSV-I Need Advice ...


Does anybody know of anything to help w/ the symptoms of bronchitis, ... I've had this and walking pneumonia as an adult-very hard to get over and with ...


Jul 29, 2009 ... So the pneumonia possibility never crossed my mind. .... Some kids do get sick ( flu-like symptoms) with them and others seem to sail through ...

My Four Year Old

If no other symptoms then water water water. When we get dehydrated we will ... It turned out she had walking pneumonia. Your son should really see the ...

No Enamel on Permanent Teeth

My teeth were damaged from tetracycline treatment for pneumonia! ... are one of the symptoms and it's really unfortunate that dentists aren't taught that. ...
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