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Pain After Tubal Ligation

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

i had my tubes tied 2 1/2 months ago after the birth of my daughter. i have had 2 "normal" periods (5 days long each time, but very very heavy). my question is, in th...


Why Is 4 Such an Emotional Age!

J.B. asks from Los Angeles

my 4 1/2 year old daughter is soooo emotional! i can tell her no in a stern voice and it will send her crying to her room. i just dont get it. she is having out burst...


Does Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Annoy Anyone Else?

E.S. asks from New York

Hi everyone! Kind of a JFF question but lately I have been super annoyed by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. Maybe because when the show is not on everything is Mi...


Microchip in Pet and Expensive Fee to Update Address???

M.R. asks from Phoenix

Hi, I called AVID to update our address on my dog's microchip. They asked for a one time $36.50 fee. Really? To change a simple address? Has anyone else been asked ...


Friends as an Adult

S.X. asks from Chicago

do you miss the kinds of friendships you had in high school? I feel like i don't connect to people in the same way. I have mommy friends and i do have old friends i s...


PMS & Throwing Things???

J.R. asks from Phoenix

Dear Mama friends, I have terrible PMS with migraines, swollen, tender breast, blah, blah....Yesterday morning I was really snappy with everyone, became upset with m...


Would This Annoy You, or Am I a Drama Queen=)

J.F. asks from Philadelphia

My bf and I have been dating a little over 8 months and it seems whenever I have my daughter he ditches me (hes only seen her 5 times in 8 months....and some of those...


Rude Neighbor - When to Stand up for Yourself and When to Let It Go

L.M. asks from Houston

Venting and asking a question.... I got married in February. We both owned homes and after much discussion, we decided to move into my hubby's house. He has live...


Are You Guys Getting More Sensitive as You Age?

A.J. asks from Williamsport

Ever feel like you're more affected by things the longer you live? I've noticed this with other things for sure, but last night I watched the first Rocky. I've seen...



M.H. asks from Madison

I'm PMSing so I know my perception is skewed this time of the month. My son hurt my friend's sons feelings. I sent an email the same evening it happened letting my...

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  • your dh needs to man in 2 answers "Whatever the reason is, your DH needs to man up, in a big way."
  • dont mean to hurt her feelings in 2 answers "... okay to tell her you are not mad at her and you don't mean to hurt her feelings ..."
  • sounds like hes not ready in 2 answers "It sounds like he's not ready for a full family experience."
  • tubal ligation in 4 answers "I didn't have a tubal ligation, but I did have one of my fallopian tubes removed back ..."
  • sounds like a jerk in 2 answers "white lie.( Like the locks were broken) He sounds like a jerk."